Silk accessories that tell stories

Silk-carlotabelles is an online store of silk accessories designed and created in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Our project began in 1999 as a search for expression, authenticity and exploration of new aesthetic possibilities. Since then, we tell stories painted on silk, in unique and timeless pieces. Our silk scarves and foulards are easy to use, versatile, original and form part of a “personal touch”.

As luxury accessories, they are only made with the highest quality silk. We produce them in Spain and Italy, countries with a long tradition in the manufacture of this noble fabric, and we take care that your accessory reaches you, just as you dreamed.

All our collections are a story whose thread is growing with the strands of each of its pieces. We produce very few units of each model and therefore you will not see them repeated.

We design our silk scarves and accessories in a traditional way. We draw and paint by hand the prototypes of each design, and only when we are sure that they reflect what we want to express, we digitize and print them on silk, ensuring high-quality standards throughout the process.

Dressing is a way of expressing ourselves and accessories are the “personal touch” that allows us to create our own style to express our feelings, desires, and decisions. We hope that each time you wear one of our silk scarves and scarves, it becomes a very personal statement because we have learned that a story always finds someone who vibrates with it and when that happens, they are an inseparable part of one another. We want our silk accessories to be that, a part of you.

We invite you to find yours!