Resist and adapt, be flexible without giving up

 The silk twilly “Bamboo” is inspired by the characteristics of the growth process of this plant and its parallelism with life.

Did you know that bamboo seed can take up to seven years to sprout and that the plant can grow up to three meters in a month? Bamboo prepares patiently for its rapid subsequent development and takes root in a way that will make its vertiginous growth possible. Isn’t like that our vital journey? Success needs firm foundations and unhurried preparation. The simplicity of bamboo reminds us of the essence of beauty.

The design of the “Bamboo” model alternately represents the verticality of the plant’s reeds that will grow firm and flexible and the graceful and relaxing movement of the leaves in the wind leaving their message of resistance and adaptation.

In green and ocher tones this silk accessory will be your ally to give a personal and versatile touch to your outfits.

What advantages does this silk twilly offer you?
  • It is a timeless accessory, which you can always use without being “tied” to passing fashions
  • It is a versatile piece that you can use in all seasons of the year and in multiple ways
  • It is made with silk twill of high thick, so it will last for many years
  • Your twilly is made in Spain and reflects the extreme care in its manufacture and its finishing handmade, as well as the quality of all natural components of silk and inks used
  • You will not see it repeated because we make very few pieces of each model
Do you want to know other advantages?
  • We send it to you in an elegant and handmade black box that is ideal for a gift
  • If you are not satisfied with the product we will refund your money (Changes and returns)
  • Our Redsys payment gateway guarantees you a secure purchase when making your payment
  • You have our assistance throughout the purchase process
  • If you have any questions about treating your accessory, you can write or call us

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Collection- This is life. The model shows the size 5 cm x 85 cm as a reference.

100% silk twill | Length 86 cm Width 5 cm | Length 170 cm Width 10 cm | Made in Spain | Double sided |measures may vary slightly due to printing and hand-rolled hem processes


Your silk twilly comes with a dry-clean-only and iron at low temperature label. However, our wide experience working with silk allows us for to suggest that, if you prefer, you could wash the twilly with warm water and neutral and gentle soap without soaking the piece. To remove a standard stain, you can use diluted neutral soap and apply it gently through your fingertips with circular movements. Once the stain has disappeared wash the whole piece and rinse with plenty of cold water. Do not use hot water.


To dry your silk twilly, do not wring it out nor use the dryer. Lay the piece flat on a clean bath towel and then fold it over to remove the excess water. With your hands, press down on the folded towel up and down the length of the twilly. If necessary, repeat with new towels until the piece is damp instead of soaked. Let dry it flat on the towel without expose the piece to the sun due that the ultraviolet rays could damage the colours.


To help silk retain its texture and integrity, the fabric must always be damp when ironing. Check the iron has clean surface and iron your silk twilly at a the lowest temperature ( or  at a “silk” setting if your iron comes with it) by the reverse of the piece, preferably with a press cloth between the silk and the iron. When ironing your silk twilly, focus on key areas of wrinkling. Gently press downward through the press cloth. Minimizing the length of time the iron is in contact with the fabric (even with the press cloth) will prevent the silk from burning. Do not press the hem hand-rolled to not to lose the natural movement of your twilly.

Additional care

Be careful when applying perfume due that the alcohol could make stains on the silk; try to first apply on you the perfume and let the fabric be impregnated with your aroma.

If you don´t plan to use your twilly for a while (which is difficult) is better you keep it protected in a cloth storage bag and put it away from humidity.

If you follow this basic care instructions your silk accesory will last you for many years (or generations) and it will be one of your most favourite and treasured accessories.  

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