The silk scarves and foulards designs of the “Looking to the West” collection are inspired by Caracas city and recreate the elements that build the indelible essence of its coordinates from the distance of time and space. The human being and the city’s magnificent natural framework merge into striking colorful designs and geometric shapes.

A collection dedicated to people who have a strong sense of their own personality,  they know what they like and create trends; people who are a driving force for change in the various areas that they live, overcoming difficulties and celebrating life by expressing themselves with strength through details and unique accessories in their attires.


Credits and special thanks for giving us the permission to use their photos to: Photos of flying macaws over Caracas sky Mabel Cornago, photos of sunsents and landscapes of Caracas Ricardo Arteaga, Juan Carlos Luis Gallo and Andrés Martínez, photos of the scupture “La Esfera de Caracas” by Jesús Soto Ricardo Arteaga, photos of the Main Hall and details of the artistic work by Alexander Calder “Nubes flotantes” at Universidad Central de Venezuela Roanros, photos of the artistic work by Carlos Cruz Diez “Cromointerferencia de color aditivio” at International Airport of Maiquetía Olinto Martinez..